parejas de películas MOVIE COUPLE CHALLENGE || My opinions, tu agree with most?

Pick one:
cutest pairing // danielle and matthew
pairing I will never understand // john and savannah
rooted for since the beginning // edward and bella
pairing with the best proposal // jamie and landon
pairing I dislike that most people like // harry and ginny
pairing I like that most people dislike // jack and elizabeth
pairing I didn't think I'd like, but do // claire and owen
most believable relationship // ron and hermione
favourite pairing with a tragic outcome // jack and rose
pairing that I loved but now don't care about // noah and allie
pairing I think I'd ship if I saw the movie // margot and quentin
favourite 'workplace relationship' // andrew and maragret
favourite 'hate to amor relationship' // jack and joy
favourite horror movie couple // billy and kate
 sheri_ posted hace más de un año
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