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Can tu name all the couples in the banner.

Jack & Rose(Titanic)
Giselle & Robert(Enchanted)
Spiderman & MJ
Lizzie and Mr Darcy(Pride & Prejuice)
Ariel & Eric(TLM)
Bridget and Mark

 LisaForde posted hace más de un año
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isabellam said:
Jack and Rose - Titanic
Rhett and Scarlet - Gone with the wind
Noah and Allie - The Notebook
Edward and Bella - Twilight
Elizabeth and Darcy - Pride and Prejudice
Joel and Clementine - Eternal Sunshine
Ennis and Jack - Brokeback Mountain
Aragorn and Arwen - LOTR
Annette and Sebastian - Cruel Intentions
Landon and Jamie - A Walk to Remember
Robert and Giselle - Enchanted
aladdín and Jasmine
Slumdog Millionaire?
John and June - Walk the Line
Ariel and Eric - The Little Mermaid
Peter and M.J. - Spiderman
Evie and Rick - The Mummy?
Harry and Sally
Belle and Beast
Time Traveller's Wife?
Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter
Elizabeth and Will - Pirates
Bender and Claire - The Breakfast Club
Edward and Vivian - Pretty Woman
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posted hace más de un año 
iemand said:
To be honest, haha No I can't.
I don't know everyone xD
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posted hace más de un año 
MzJBHOT said:
prince eric & ariel-little mermaid
hermione&ron-harry potter
beauty&beast-beauty and the beast

Elizabeth&Will - Pirates
Bender&Claire - The Breakfast Club
Edward&Vivian - Pretty Woman
Lizzie&Mr Darcy-pride&prejuice
Jamal K. Malik&Latika-slumdog millionaire
Spiderman & MJ
landon&jamie-a walk to remember
Joel&Clementine - Eternal Sunshine
Ennis&Jack - Brokeback Mountain
aAragorn&Arwen - LOTR
Annette&Sebastian - Cruel Intentions
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posted hace más de un año 
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