morgan Freeman It is not a color thing, it is a policy thing

ItsthePolicies posted on Oct 08, 2011 at 08:18PM
As an early TEA party person and seeing many, many rallies, I have to say that I took great offense to Morgan Freeman calling me a "racist" for wanting the Democrat to only have one term.

Look back at politics for 200 years and EVERY cycle the out- of-power party wants the current president to lose the next election to their guy. It isn't a color thing, it is a party/policy thing.

Please Mr Freeman, I have supported you in all your movies but that stops till you get copies of the Democratic link , Republican party platforms link
and read them thru.

You will see that the current President's policies are counter to EVERYTHING in the Republican party platform. That is why we say we want President Obama to only have one term. We do not like his policies or the results to Americans.

It's the Policies.

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