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RegisterAgain posted on Apr 27, 2013 at 02:47PM
Killer Style:
Freaky Flaw:
Favorite Activity:
Biggest Pet Peeve:
Favorite School Subject:
Least Favorite School Subject:
Favorite Color:
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hace más de un año RegisterAgain said…
Name: Vampelina J'Adore

Age: 19,000 years old

Killer Style: I'm a true goth lover who wears black and red every time! I'm always bored when my mother, Draculaura asked me to wear pink. When she asked me to wear it, I quickly changed to black and red!

Freaky Flaw: I don't know how to me! Whenever my boyfriend Varÿn asked me to dance during prom, I had to suffer and dance like a dumb duck!

Pet: I've no pet and I don't want one.

Favorite Activity: I love going outdoors! Sports is fun! Also, I have a boyfriend and we always go out on a date! I also enjoy watching movies!

Biggest Pet Peeve: No crying, PLEASE! I hate it when people keep crying and crying! Oh, and my mother, Draculaura. Also shopping.

Favorite School Subject: Mathematics! It's the easiest subject ever!!

Least Favorite School Subject: Science. The experiments are all weird and stupid. Makes me sick.

Favorite Color: Black
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 Name: Vampelina J'Adore Age: 19,000 years old Killer Style: I'm a true goth lover who wears bla
hace más de un año monsterhigh12 said…
Name: Aliena Starburst
Killer style:I would where anything colorful.
Freaky flaw: I'm SO clumsy!
Pet: mr. Piggie. He is a hamster
Favorite activity: watching movies with my friends,cooking and creating characters!
Biggest pet peeve: when people call me alien girl!
Favorite school subject: home ick. I love cooking so much!!
Least favorite school subject: math. I my home planet math wasn't even real!
Favorite color:I like all colors
 Name: Aliena Starburst Age:1536 Killer style:I would where anything colorful. Freaky flaw: I'm SO
RegisterAgain commented…
You're in! hace más de un año
hace más de un año LetsDuel2012 said…
Name:Rocky Skellington
Killer style:well I dunno what jeans graphic tees and converse is as a style but...
Freaky flaw: I totally lose my cool around Holt
pet: 4 pet turtles named after TMNT
fave activity: skating,listening to music and most of all...GAMING!
Pet peeve: people mistaking me for a dude
Fave subject: music
Least fave subject: history
Fave colours: black,blue,green,red
RegisterAgain commented…
Come join! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Tiffy111 said…
Name: Glitz Glitch
Age: 1600
Killer Style: The newest trends
Freaky Flaw: Sometimes when I don't want to glitch ( transport ) I just do.
Pet: White flamed Phoenix name: Whiz
Fave Activity: Glitching around the school
Pet Peeve: People that keep asking me what type of monster I am
Fave Subject: Home Ick
Least Subject: Dead Languages
Fave Color: White and light pink
hace más de un año Frankiestein65 said…
Name: Hollie Hyde
Killer style: I'm not fussy so I just wear whatever comes out of my wardrobe. I have to admit though, I can make some freaky fabulous outfits! Also, I follow in the footsteps of my elder bro, Holt, so nearly all my outfits have mix tapes on them.
Freaky flaw: I'm always a little jealous of other ghouls, As they can grow their hair. I can't, my hair's basically fire! Also when I'm angry, you may wanna avoid me, cuz it's not pretty.
Pet: Mantina, my pet mantis. She's got a bit of a fiery side.
Favourite activity: Making clawesome mix tapes to show that I can be better than my brother if I put my mind to it.
Biggest pet peeve: Being the SECOND Best DJ at monster high. When I wanna be the best I can be the best!
Favourite school subject: History of music. I learn how to make clawesome mixes there.
Least favourite school subject: Home ick. I only wanna create music, people!
Favourite colour: Red. The colour of legends!

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