monster high A Trip To Scaris (Paris) {Monster High Role-play!}

xMiss-IceQueenx posted on Mar 04, 2012 at 08:58PM
A Trip to Scaris (Paris) 

Hey and Welcome to this new Role Play I made where you favorite Monster High Characters are going  to go to Scaris (Paris) for Spring Break as they signed up at school and now the RP will start at the airport to go to Paris 

Invited ~HelloKitty_Love 

Other Rules 

1. If you are not on the invited list please ask to join using these - -> ( )

2. When I say yes you may join in :D then you can be all the cannon characters you want to RP unless someone else is already RPing them .
3. If you would like to RP OC's then just tell me there names and a little background on them and if I accept them I will say so. (Oh and HelloKitty_Love I already approve of Baxter and Drake if you want to use them)

4.Please stay on the topic and not go into random gibberish and adding characters I never approved it just sort of irks me sorry :(


Now I will claim my characters and I guess start us all off :D

My Characters ~ Abbey, Frankie, Jackson, Clawdeen, Clawd, Operetta , Toralei, and Venus.


Beginning Post~

Abbey had just arrived at the airport from Headmistress Bloodgood dropping her off. She rolled her suitcase to the gates to meet her friends before they go to security and soon to the plane.  

She looked down at her ticket

"Gate C #13 ." She read as she looked for the sign ,but what was really on her mind was Scaris and how beautiful this city was she just hoped she would not bump into someone for she was not paying any attention at all.


Frankie sat with Clawdeen at Gate E #13 . She turned to her ghoul friend as she was just so nervous . 

She hoped she could just survive the ride without some kind of major embarrassment like barfing all over the plane or falling out of the lavatory .

"Clawdeen you promised me everything is going to be okay right." Frankie asked Clawdeen nervously as Clawdeen rolled her brown eyes.

"Yes Frankie don't fret girl I got your back." Clawdeen smiled reading her newest issue of Teen Scream.


Toralei walked through the airport just fighting to get to her Gate . 
She couldn't believe that she was stupid enough to get caught up in the crowd and she lost Mweoldy and Purrsephone ...what are the odds.

How could this day even get worse let's hope all the losers are not going to Scaris also or her and M&P's trip is ruined.


Clawd was looking in the latest shopping place around which was a general store and of course he was packing up on the goods.

He need specifically everything and I do mean everything to survive one simple air travel trip to Scaris.

"Clawd can we get a move on" Jackson whined from the front of the store as he had already bought his stuff a bag of jerky and a cookie with a new nerdy magazine and a book to keep him busy.

"We need to get to the dam gate" Jackson yelled as he crossed his arms and leaned against a wall in the store.

"Just hold on a sec" Clawd barked as he gathered more things.


Operetta was shopping around for some new songs and maybe an Coffin Tunes card before she left so she could put more music on her iCoffin.  She soon had run into Venus who was also in the store for music so she could keep busy on the flight also.

(There we go this RP is now ready to begin Have Fun~Cali <3)

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