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A pregunta about the 'Wave 1' muñecas

Have they been discontinued? I heave not been able to find them at all.
~ If the were discontinued, then why?
~ If they aren't then have they been put on back order?

The prices for the 'Wave 1' muñecas online are infatuated.
I think tu can find them on amazonas, amazon o ebay because I think they won't put them back out,since the skull shores are out.
bratzdolly11 posted hace más de un año
 HelloKitty_Love posted hace más de un año
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BrrrFan said:
I totally agree with you! I want to collect all the Lagoona Blue dolls, but can only find her plush (NOT EVEN THE SKULL SHORES VERSION!)in Target and Big W!
So I do think they have been discontinued [;(] probably for the reason they are so old, maybe they just need new stock to keep the costumers coming!

Hope this helps...
Sorry if it didn't!
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posted hace más de un año 
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