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This minecraft foto might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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1. Ice cream.
Materials: 2 ice blocks, one snowball, two sugar, one bucket of milk, and one wooden bowl.
Use: for funsies!
2. colored glass blocks
Materials: sand, dye, furnace.
Use: for pretty decoration
ALLREADY DONE! (when that happened, idk,)
3. Flour
Materials: flour seeds from mineshaft, village gardens, temples, o dungeons.
Use: For Noodles, and white bread, which will be right....
4. Now! White bread
Materials: three wheat along any row in crafting table.
Use: just another cool food, only fills two hunger.
5. Noodles
Materials: Flour along parte superior, arriba row, Wheat along middle row. (and maybe even a tomato...
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Source: Superb fondo de pantalla
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the YOGSCAST Sjin recreating Rapunzel's tower from Disney's Tangled!
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Watch this epic clay soldiers battle fought in Minecraft! The clay soldiers are part of the "Clay Soldiers" minecraft mod. If tu liked this video, please comment, like, and subscribe! link
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This is a new story series dedicated to my little sister, Savannah. She loves Minecraft, and I hope tu like my stories. ✰

Out in the sandy desert in the land of Minecraft, Steve was roaming in buscar of comida and water. He looked around him only to see a few trees and a cactus. He continued walking until he started feeling too weak to keep going.
It's hopeless, Steve thought. I'll just die out here, in the middle of nowhere.
Steve lay on his back, thoughts running through his mind, each one a scenario of what could happen next.
Finally, Steve closed his eyes and fainted away.

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