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posted by geekygirl1999
sorry my mindless readers I haven't been making stories n a while but here it is hahaha

still at Da house
roc-haha ur scared
me-shut u-*GCO*
roc-*screams really loud*
me-*rolling on da floor*hhaha n I'm scared
roc-shut up lol
roc-*kisses me deeply*
me-*kisses him back*
roc-*pulls away*sorry
me-*kisses him again*
roc-*picks me up*
me-wait Roc
roc-sorry I didn't mean to ummm just sorry
me-roc its ok*lays on his chest n falls a sleep*
prod n ke-*walks n*oh look at y'all lol
roc-lol shut up*picks me up n takes me in my room n falls a sleep siguiente 2 me*
prod-lol come on lets go 2 bed
ke-lol ok
prince-*walks in with nas in his arms*
ray-*walks n with yannia*awww she sleeping hhahha
yannia-lol no 4realz
ray-dont get smart lil girl lol
yannia-im 15 n so r u so shut da hell up hahha
prince-lmfaoo*walks up stairs n put nas n cama n gose 2 sleep siguiente 2 her
yannia-lol ok ok stop*running*
ray-*gets yannia*say sorry
ray-ok then come on*takes her up stairs*
yannia-ok ok im sorry
ray-yea better*puts her down*
yannia-im sleepy
ray-yea me 2 lets go 2 sleep
yannia-ok lol
ray-u laugh a lot
yania-ik its alanas fault
ray-ok lol
they do 2 bed

da siguiente día hahaha
me-*wakes up n see roc with no camisa, camiseta on*O_O!!
roc-*waakes up*why u looking at me like dat lol
roc-*looks down*ohhh lol do u want me 2 put a camisa, camiseta on
roc-lol come on lets go get something 2 eat

yannia room
ray-*smells comida n wakes up*FOOD
yannia-nigga if u dont shut da hell up ima fucking puñetazo, ponche u
ray-lol wat eve*gets up n runs out da room*
yannia-dumbass*goes bak 2 sleep*

nas room
nas-*wakes up*prince get up
prince-one más min mama
nas-lol da fuck
prince-mama did u just say da fuck oh hola nas hahhaha
nas-lol hi weirdo
prince-lol ikr but do u smell bacon
nas-yea come on*gets up n walks out room*
prince-ok*walks out 2*

keke room
prod-*wakes up*bacon
keke-*wakes up*why da hellu saying tocino, bacon
prod-i smell bacon
keke-i do 2
prod-*picks her up n runs down stairs*
keke-lol well ok

down stairs
me-*cooking tocino, bacon eggs*
roc-i cant wait 2 eat
prod-ikr ima eat like so much
me-where is yannia
ray-she still in bed
keke-girl sleep 2 much
nas-ikr lol
yannia-*walks down stair*fuck u u u u u n all of u lmfaooo
me-u got dat from me
me-cuz i dicho dat n class
prince-u dicho dat n class
me-cuz da teacher told me 2 get out n she dicho do i have 2 say anything before i leave i dicho yea n i was like fuck u u u u u n u n all of u then walked out like a boss
yannia-she really did
keke-u bad as hell
me-tell me something i dont know
me-bitch 25 lol
roc-ohhh lol

we eat n then get dressed (sorry guys my stupid computer wont let me give any enlaces im soo mad cuz i made da outfit n everything like uggggg but if u got a polyvore n u aded me then just go 2 da first outfit n its there so yea)
yannia-so yall do ware heels
me-ik i do
nas-lol ikr we all do
keke-lol i do hahah
eb-we all know u do lol
me-come on nigglets its scool time
them-lol ok
we go 2 scool

at school....
hhhahah find out siguiente time
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