NOTE: I came up with this after being inspired por the fic "The SEES Group Therapy Session" por Seint.

I think that Minato would be the worst person to have as a therapy patient, because it would probably go like this:

Therapist: So, what is your name?

Minato: tu can call me whatever tu like.

Therapist: ...was that a seduction attempt?

Minato: do tu want it to be?

Therapist: ...seriously, what is your name.

Minato: that's open to interpretation, but it can't have más than 8 letters.

Therapist: ... okay... So, tell me, Why are tu here?

Minato: why would tu want me to be here?

Therapist: I'm sorry, what?

Minato: what answer would tu prefer?

Therapist: … right, okay, siguiente question! Tell me about yourself.

Minato: what would tu like me to tell tu about myself?

Therapist: tell me anything.

Minato: which answer would make tu happiest?

Therapist: god, damn it! Just tell me about something in your past that happened to you!

Minato: … well, my parents died in a car crash when I was young.

Therapist: I see, and was that hard for you?

Minato: that depends entirely on you.

Therapist: SON OF A BITCH!