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This miley cyrus fondo de pantalla might contain leotardo, maillot, juego del cuerpo, traje de gato, leotard, unitard, traje de cuerpo, mameluco, and juego del gato.

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Here is The lista of Songs That Miley Has Recorded This año 1-Sail With Me 2-Battlefield 3-Tears Don't Fall 4-Dreamcatcher 5-Rise 6-Breakaway 7-Rafael 8-Forgive me 9-Every Thing tu Want 10-Rhythm of The Night 11Smash 12-Burned up The Night 13-The Big Bang. it Has Been Confirmed That Miley isn't Working on a New Album Right Now and That She is Just Recording Songs for Fun,My fuente Says That Miley Might Not Relese an Album siguiente Year
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