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Wouldn't it be great to make a Prequel?

I know most of the original producers/directors and Dr Loomis-Donald Pleasence has died but I'd like some answers:

Did Micheal's parents die after H1?
Where was Laurie when Micheal's sister was being murdered por Mike?

Where was Mike all those yes after that man dressed all in black&black hat n cowboy boots blew up the jail for him in part5?

Why did Dr Loomis mean when he dicho "she can help tu if tu let her" alluding to Micheals rage.

I have so many preguntas that I think if someone -not Rob, made a prequel it'd be Aweeeesome!!🔪😱🎃
 LilMikeymikegal posted hace más de un año
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Saharaharden said:
I think so I didn't see them in the other movies
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posted hace más de un año 
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