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I will never forget the 19th of July 1997. I went to see my hero, Michael Jackson, in concert. It was my segundo MJ concierto and I was so excited and happy that he had come back to Dublin.

During Michael’s show, he has his security people find fans to come up on stage for a particular song. I have Morquio syndrome and security were looking for somebody small. My sister pointed me out and said, “You won’t get anybody smaller!” For once in my life I was so thankful to be small! I will be forever grateful to my sister. When the security man picked me my whole body started shaking, not because...
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posted by cherl12345
Having seen the film documentary, "This Is It", I thought Michael should have gotten and honorable mention, o at least a postumous Oscar nomination. Released on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 worldwide, drawing in $20,000,000 at the box office, this was one of the best música documentaries I've seen in a long in long, and bittersweet for the reason Michael didn't live long enough to see everything he worked hard so for during rehearsals of the "This It Concert" come to fruition. I loved every aspect of the film especially Michael's interaction with the backing vocalists, staff, and dancers.

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posted by MJisLove4life
Hi Fellow MJFam. This Is The First Time I Have Ever Done Something Like This So Please Dont Laugh. For Awhile I Have Been Felling Lonely For Some Reason. And Today Has Been Especially Hard I Just Wanted To Crawl Into A Corner And Just Cry My Eyes Out. And I Have Been Missing Michael Alot Lately And Its Hard For Me And Its Hard For Everyone Else And I Understand That But With Me I Feel Like I Have A Real Strong Connection With Michael. Some Nights I Dream That I Was His Sister,Friend, And His 4th Kid. Other Nights I Dream That We Are In A Realtionship. I Just Dont Know What To Do Anymore. I...
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