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 tu Were There ; Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson sings tu Were There for Sammy Davis Jr
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tu were there
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This michael jackson foto might contain traje de negocios and juego de negocio.

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After Michael went inicial he took a hot ducha, ducha de after he got out of the ducha, ducha de he got in his pj's . When Michael got in his pj's he went to cama but he couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about Jenifer. Then he finally went to sleep. That morning Michael woke up and got dressed 'he was ready for work.Then he went to work. After he got there Michael saw Jenifer; his corazón was racing then he went over to her and dicho hi. After michael dicho hi to jenifer he gave her a wink. Michael and his backup dancers were rehearsing bad. After they rehearsed bad now they were rehearsing twymmf; jenifer was...
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Weeks have gone por and michael has not heard a single word from Diane, she has not text o called him. Now Jenna is now back from the hospital and she has begun to make michael's life a living hell. Jenna will not stop bugging michael, and everytime michael denies being the father she always says "Look at this michael! he looks just like you!" she would tell him, obviously she's too stupid to know that her son clearly looks nothing like him. Finally Michael has had enough.

"I want a fucking DNA Test!" Michael exclaimed as Michael has had enough. "I dont need a DNA Test! tu are the father!"...
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Super duper SEXY!!! ;D