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This michael jackson foto contains traje de negocios and juego de negocio. There might also be bien vestido persona, juego, juego de pantalones, traje pantalón, persona bien vestida, traje, pantalones traje, pantsuit, and pantalones de traje.

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 gaze at the corazón melting smile number 1
gaze at the heart melting smile number 1
In the morning
Aislinn woke up to birds chirping. She smiled and looked down at Michael, who was still sleeping. She giggled softly and got out of cama to go shower.
In Michael's Dream
Michael was working on Black o White again, because of the things John had put in. Soon, he saw Aislinn smiling at him and told everyone to go to break. He walked up to Aislinn. "What are tu smiling about?" He asked. "Well, I just came back from the doctor, hon...and...guess what?" She started hinting him a bit. "What?" "You're gonna be a daddy." Michael's jaw dropped a bit and he couldn't believe what he was hearing...
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