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This michael jackson foto contains traje de negocios and juego de negocio. There might also be bien vestido persona, juego, juego de pantalones, traje pantalón, persona bien vestida, traje, pantalones traje, pantsuit, and pantalones de traje.

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 Where michael was taken the oro field in Nevada, an abandoned hotel....
Where michael was taken the Gold field in Nevada, an abandoned hotel....
Once michael was dragged out of the hospital, he was thrown into the back of some sort of van. After been thrown he felt someone tieing his hands behind his back. Michael began to struggle, when he did he was hit really hard with some object, something like a butt of a gun. "Stop struggling o tu die!" a female voice growled. Michael thought he recongized the female voice but he was so scare his mind went blank. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his arm, like someone has stabbed him with a needle of some sort. Michael began to feel dizzy and he soon blacked out.

Michael didnt know how much...
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