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After Michael and Maris finished their postres and dranked their coffee, they left a huge tip; in addition, to paying the bill. Maris got up from her while Michael wrapped he chal, mantón around her sexy shoulders, and giving Michael the urge to to kiss them, but chose not to in order to mostrar her that he was a real gentleman, nor was he going to make her do anything she didn't want to after all this was their first date. "I'm ready, Michael", she replied, and Michael put his arm out and they proceeded to leave the restaurant as they headed back home. "She's a beautiful woman, if I were you, I wouldn't...
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The Following Day
Michael had woken up first and saw that I was still asleep. Knowing that last night I wasn't feeling well, he let me sleep in. He went back to the studio to tell Frank about the short film. When I was asleep, I tried to fight off being sick, but it didn't really help much. Although, knowing that I was pregnant always cheered me up.
Almost 30 minutos had passed and I woke up to seeing a note por the bed, on the nightstand. I sat up and picked up the note and read it. It said:
Hey love,
I've gone out to see Frank about Smooth Criminal. Since tu were sick last night, I didn't want...
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After Filming
Frank made sure, after we were done filming Smooth Criminal, that he made a copy of it for me and Michael so we can catch any mistakes. Once Frank made the copy, he handed it to Michael.
"Here tu go, Michael and Rebecca. Alert me if there are any mistakes so we can finish it up." Frank said.
Michael took the disk and looked at Frank. "Thanks, Frank. Will do." He said.
Soon enough, Michael and I left and headed on back to Neverland. While we were walking home, we talked along the way about how we were gonna tell our families about our engagement...and our baby.
"I don't know, Michael...how...
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The siguiente día it happened that her parents invited some relatives to make some barbecue.She completely forgot about it and when the relatives arrived,she just smiled and tried not to mostrar how scared she was.She was so happy that the school teachers were in strike and she doesn't has to go to school for a week she didn't even heard when her parents told her!And now,here they were,impatient to see her room and all of her "new friends" were in there!She excused and dicho that there's a little mess,so she got some time,but not too much."What happened?",Bad asked."Well,my relatives are in visit and...
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