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posted by farzad
Michael Jackson has made his long-awaited comeback with a new song, This Is It, released four months after his death.

The track began streaming overnight on the King of Pop’s official website before being delivered, amidst tight security, to radio stations this morning.

A mid-paced ballad, the sentimental number has received a mixed reaction, delighting some fans still grieving the star’s sudden death but disappointing others who complained about the “cheesy” lyrics and lack of catchy hooks.

One fan commenting on the pop star’s website, wrote: “This single is great, to be honest...
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posted by Beatit
The way she came into the place
I knew right then and there
There was something different
About this girl

The way she moved
Her hair, her face, her lines
Divinity in motion

As she stalked the room
I could feel the aura
Of her presence
Every head turned
Feeling passion and lust

The girl was persuasive
The girl I could not trust
The girl was bad
The girl was dangerous

I never knew but I was
Walking the line
Come go with me
I dicho I have no time
She dicho don't tu pretend we didn't
Talk on the phone
My baby cried
And left me standing alone

She's so dangerous
The girl is so dangerous
Take away my money
Throw away my time...
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