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 This is for alll the lost children, wishing them well and wishing them inicial :) <3
After I put my hair up, I grabbed my house keys and headed down the stairs. Alex, my oldest brother, saw me heading to the door.
"Where are tu going?" He asked.
I turned to him before I got to the door.
"Out." I said.
"Out? Out where?"
"Just out. Gonna check up on Kelly."
"Oh okay. Have fun at the audition."
I smirked. "I will, no worries."
Then I headed out. Alex must have known about the audition. Either that, o Brandon and Sean told him about it. Those two are such squealers. Wouldn't surprise me much, though. I headed through the park, because the studio was on the other side and I didn't want...
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 MJ- humble and shy
MJ- humble and shy
MJ is the "Quintessential" sexy man, lover man, giver to mankind, música man, singer, actor, artist, poet, song- writing, entertainer, dancer,Peter Pan- loving, Neverland owning,elephant and giraffe owning, lover of mankind, "thriller" man, magic-making, peace-making, moon-walking, pop-locking,
giver of MIKE-gasms, money maker,
money giver, charity giver,"Light" man,
style maker, style inspirator, innovator,
"Beat It and Thriller" chaqueta wearing, rhinestone socks and guante wearing, skinny jeans wearing, save the trees and the planet advocate,children advocate, plastic surgery having, beautiful,...
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I could simply come here and define "This It It", but I don't have the exact words that could make him justice. So, all I can do is try.

This movie meant más to me that any videoclip o any concert. Finally, I felt really close of his creativity, his amor for what he have done over than 45 years, the way he put his heart, body and soul to the service of art.

When he did "Human Nature", I think my corazón has melted. His devotion for the song was unbelievable. He felt each musical note, each word, each moment, each sound.

" I Just Can't Stop Loving You" was an interpretation full of passion. Backing...
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ok guys i think i might have the reason y mickey have been so lonly shy and has hatred to his father.
its something very disturbing and sad
im not saying that its 100000% true but it could have happened.
Me and my mom were watching some vids that were misceláneo and stuff vids that speak the truth about música industry bla bla bla so the topic was on michael speaking about how he got killed.
i didn't really pay attention to all the other stuff that they were saying about him but wat have caught my attention was this....
during the J5 before a concierto joe and the J5 would go into this bright room michael...
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Michael Jackson has hit the parte superior, arriba of the pop singles chart with 13 different singles as a solo artist. These are the 10 biggest of those hits. He easily ranks as one of the most successful and innovative pop artists of all time. All 10 of these songs are essential to any comprehensive pop música collection.

1. "Billie Jean" - 1983
If any single song signaled that Michael Jackson's legacy as one of the parte superior, arriba pop artists of all time would be secure, it was "Billie Jean." The song remains a pop milestone and masterpiece. It was written por Michael Jackson and produced por Quincy Jones. Inspired by...
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