michael jackson ABC Contest!! (5th Edition)

liberiangirl_mj posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:10PM
Hi everybody! :)
I decided to go on and continue this game started for the first time here by 245167.
Here are the rules for this edition:

You have to describe Michael in maximum 3 words - the first word has to start with the letter of the alphabet asked. (let's say for ex. letter B - you can say "beautiful man"or "blessed by God"or anything you want.. it just has to start with the letter of the alphabet asked)
I hope you enjoy it the way you enjoyed the preview edition.

WARNING!!! You are not allowed to vote for yourselves, nor to ask others to vote for you! Once you do it, you're out of the game.


1st Round: letter A - Awesome (MJcutiepie2002)
2nd Round: letter B - Best (MJ_4life)
3rd Round: letter C - Creative (MJcutiepie2002)
4th Round: letter D - Dancing Machine (MJcutiepie2002)
5th Round: letter E - Entertaining (Fashionista101)
6th Round: letter F - Fantastic: MJcutiepie2002
7th Round: letter G - Greatest Entertainer Ever: MJ_4life
8th Round: letter H - Humble: Princia
9th Round: letter I - Invincible: The1listener
10th Round: letter J - Jaw-dropping Hot Man - The1listener
11th Round: letter K - King Of The Dance Floor - M_Annie_J
12th Round: letter L - Legendary King Of Pop - M_Annie_J
13th Round: letter M - Magical - MJcutiepie2002
14th Round: letter N - Naturally Gifted Musician - M_Annie_J
15th Round: letter O - One and only King of Pop - M_Annie_J
16th Round: letter P - Precious Than Any Pearl - M_Annie_J
17th Round: letter Q - Quintessential Charming Man - M_Annie_J
18th Round: letter R - Ravishing - sunshinedany
19th Round: letter S - Sexual Fantasy - Eternalmike
20th Round: letter T - Talented - MJcutiepie2002
21st Round: letter U - Unique - MJcutiepie2002
22nd Round: letter V - Valentine Worthy - Eternalmike
23rd Round: letter W - Wonderful - MJsLover1988
24th Round: letter X - Xerothermic - Eternalmike
25th Round: letter Z - Your beloved King - Eternalmike
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