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Despite the 26-year age gap, Michael and Dame Elizabeth Taylor have been good friends since the early-80's. Elizabeth Taylor was one of Michael's biggest allies alongside his family during the 1993 child molestation case, and of the few people he trusted in his inner circle. The main reason why they got along so well was because she could relate to Michael having entered the world of showbiz when was just 10 years old back in 1942.

Alongside his mother, Katherine, she had his back and stood por Michael in his darkest hours, and older brother, Tito, acknowledged her as being a good friend susbsequent to hearing about her passing in an interview. Michael not only hosted her wedding at his ranch, he also paid for it out of his own pocket when she married construction worker, Larry Fortensky back in 1991; also, gave her away alongside her son, Christopher Wilding. He appeared on the cover of "People" magazine with the newlyweds, too.

Whatever crisis Michael went through, Elizabeth was always there when he needed her, o when he just wanted to engage in a warm friendly conversation.
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