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After Michael and I finished watching Peter Pan, we decided to have some fun out in Neverland. I ran off and hid and Michael stopped and looked around, trying to find me.
"Rebecca? Where did tu go?" He asked.
I giggled silently and ran to a árbol and climbed onto one of the branches and stayed there. He looked in the bushes and around the trees and couldn't find me. I kept quiet up in the árbol and prepped a balloon. He stood under where I was, wondering where I went.
"Already playing hide and seek, huh? Well, ready o not, here I come."
He started looking around for me. I giggled a little and got ready to drop the water balloon on his head. I glanced at the flores on the ground behind me for only a few segundos and when I looked back under the tree, Michael wasn't there. I was a bit confused.
"Michael? Where did tu go??" I asked.
I looked around while I stayed in my spot in the tree. I couldn't find him anywhere. Little did I know, he was behind me. I hadn't noticed that he climbed the árbol and snuck up behind me.
I screamed and almost fell out of the tree. I looked at him and held my chest, making sure my corazón didn't explode out of my chest. I was lucky enough not to fall out of the árbol at that minute.
"My gosh, Michael. Don't scare me like that! tu nearly gave me a corazón attack!"
"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."
I sighed. "It's alright."
I tried to get further onto the branch we were on, but I wound up almost falling out of the tree. I slipped and grabbed the branch, looked down and looked back at Michael, scared as heck.
"Michael! Help!"
"Don't worry, Kitten!" He leaned onto the branch, braced himself and stretched his arm out to me for me to grab. "Grab my hand!"
I tried to grab his hand, but almost slipped and completely missed his hand. "I can't!"
"Hold on..." He scooted closer and reached out to me again. "Try to grab my hand now!"
I tried again and missed, slipping and eventually falling. He managed to grab my arm before I fell and braced himself más on the branch. He held onto the branch and carefully helped me back into the tree. Once he got me back in the tree, he leaned against the el maletero, tronco and had me lay back on him, my back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around me protectively, like when he and I slept in the árbol at the park a while back, and kissed the back of my head.
"Promise me tu won't let me fall, Michael. I'm afraid I might not survive if it happens again."
He kissed my neck and I leaned my head back and put it on his shoulder. "I promise. Don't worry. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get tu back in this tree."
I turned my head to him and he turned his head to me. He lifted one of his hands and moved my hair behind my ear and put his hand on my cheek, gently stroking it. It made me smile a little, knowing that I had a loving and caring boyfriend who wouldn't let me get hurt and refused to let me get hurt. He smiled a little and kissed me. I kissed him back and looked him in the eyes. He looked back at me.
"Wanna try again tonight? o do tu wanna wait a while?"
"What do tu think, Michael?" I turned my body to him and put my hand on his chest.
He giggled and kissed under my chin. "So tu do wanna try again tonight. Alright. I was just being sure about it. But do we wanna do it up in this árbol o should we get down from here and go to the bedroom?"
I raised my eyebrow at him. "Do tu wanna risk having the press and the paparazzi see us doing it out here?" I giggled.
"Hm...good point. It would be embarrassing."
"Amen to that, Michael."
He let me go and I carefully climbed down the árbol with him following close behind me. Once we were both on the ground, we went back inside the house and went up to the segundo floor of his bedroom and locked the door and tried for our segundo first child...hoping that this one would survive.
At The House
My mom just got inicial and she saw Alex, Ricky, Eric and my dad in the den. They looked at her and she was a bit confused.
"Um...what's going on here?" She asked.
Alex held up the note that I left for them. "You kicked her out because she was gonna try again? Mom, what if she wanted a kid at this age?" He asked her back.
My mom was shocked because Alex had the tone in his voice that could tell anyone that he was a bit ticked off por what she did. "Well, she never told me o any of us that she was gonna try again."
"Mom...what did tu tell us when we were growing up? Do we need to remind you?" Ricky asked.
"You always told us to care for others and tu told Becky you'd be there for her if she ever made a mistake. This..." Alex handed my mom the note. "This isn't caring for others and this is definitely not being there for her. Yes, she made a mistake, but that's not a reason to kick her out of the house."
She took my note and read it to herself. Once she finished lectura what I wrote, she got tears in her eyes. She had no clue what she put me through and she definitely had no clue what to do now. Alex suggested for her to go to Michael's house and try to patch things up with me. She hesitated, but agreed and dicho that she'd go on her siguiente día off, which was in 2 days. She write a note to herself, saying: Go to Michael's house to patch things up with Rebecca. She put it on the fridge and soon headed up to the master bedroom and changed and fell asleep.
Back At Neverland
Michael and I cuddled up to each other, under the covers and watched a few cine (Me: mostly disney related) together. And every time, we always acted like a prince and a princess. Well, he insisted on it and I just went along with it. He loved to act and so did I. Another thing we had in common. The only one we didn't act with, o one we wouldn't act with, that wasn't disney related was Casablanca. I turned to Michael before he started playing Casablanca.
"Is this movie any good?" I asked, obviously not having seen it before.
He turned to me, a bit shocked that I had asked that. "I've seen it a few times. It's pretty good. I haven't seen a black and white movie like this in a long time. Why? Haven't tu seen it before?" He replied.
I shook my head, a bit embarrassed. "No, I haven't. Honestly, I wasn't allowed to watch black and white cine since I was 5 because they were semi-inappropriate for my age."
"Well, you'll like Casablanca. It's an old black and white romance movie. I guess tu can say it sets the loving mood." He giggled.
I giggled a little. "Not like we weren't in that mood already, Michael...but I'm sure I'll amor it."
"Just as much as tu amor me?"
"We'll see." I replied sarcastically and giggled. "I'm sure of it."
"You scared me for a minuto there, Kitten."
"Sorry, Cuddle-bear. I amor you, though."
He giggled a little and kissed me. "I amor tu more."
I smiled and he smiled back and started the movie. Michael put an arm around my shoulders and I put my hand on his bare chest, my head going on parte superior, arriba of my hand. He kissed my head and we then started watching Casablanca, occasionally sharing a few kisses and "marking our property" on each other. Although, since we were tired from making amor a segundo time, we wound up falling asleep in the middle of the movie. (Me: It was about 11pm, so what would anyone expect?)
A Couple Hours Later
I woke up, not able to sleep much longer. I had remembered last time I was here that Michael had some té items in the kitchen. I looked at him and saw that he was fast asleep. I carefully got up, trying not to wake him up, put on my undergarments and a túnica, albornoz and went downstairs and into the kitchen. I had decided to make some tea, since for one, I was stressed a bit and two, I needed some. (Me: That's actually how I usually am when I can't sleep, but I can't make té at 1 in the morning :P in fear of waking someone up.) Once I made some and mixed in the sugar, I heard footsteps coming toward me. I looked up and saw Michael in one of his robes and looking at me.
"What are tu doing up?" He asked.
I shrugged my shoulders. "I couldn't sleep much. Did I wake you?" I said.
He shook his head. "Nah. I couldn't sleep much, either. Crazy tour of mine, messing up my sleep schedule."
I giggled a little. "I understand that. Different time zones, always being sleepy. It was the same with me. Only, I wasn't on tour like tu were. I was traveling a lot with my family."
"At least someone understands. That's another reason why I amor tu so much."
I smiled a little. "I amor you, too. Do tu want some tea?"
He smiled a little and nodded. "Sure. Thank you."
I giggled and took out another té mug and made him some and gave it to him. We both went to the living room and sat on the couch, me pulling my legs up onto the sofá and him putting his arm around me, putting one of his legs over the other. It made me happy to know that I could always understand him. He's always told me that only maybe a couple other child stars know what he's gone through, but only one of me could understand his problems with tabloids, skin disorders and a bunch of other stuff. After we finished our tea, we wound up falling asleep on the couch, cuddled up under a red blanket.
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