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 </3 amor is difficult...only amor that is true will survive...Will Michael and Diane's amor Survive?
</3 Love is difficult...only love that is true will survive...Will Michael and Diane's love Survive?
Once mary arrived back to her trialer, she took the video of diane talking about mj and burned it to a disc. Mary grinned from ear to ear and the disc was finishing up. "There is no way michael and diane are going to stay together after this." Mary sneered.

Back at the studio michael sat siguiente to alicia as began to finish up with making the movie. "Well i guess we are almost done all we have to do is film and editar 3 más scenes and we should be good." the director replied. "Well thats good... do tu know when they should be done?" Michael asked. "Oh i dont know maybe august 12th?" the director replied. "ok...wait august 12th??? thats diane's due date." Michael replied. "Oh dont worry if she goes into labor your free to go...even if its not done por august 12th its not due to hit the theatres til late october...we've already got the rest of the movie edited and put together...so i wouldnt sweat it." the director said. "Yea mj dont sweat it." Alicia said. "Say what are tu and diane having? ... if tu dont mind me asking?" , "We're having a girl" Michael replied. "Wow...a girl??? i thought since she was really big that maybe she was having a boy...anyways thought of any names?" , "Yes we already decided on one." Michael replied. "Well what did tu name her??? tell us." Alicia said. "Rose" Michael replied. "Thats a really nice name." the director said. "I think its a really pretty name." Alicia said. "Thanks." , "Well i guess thats all for today tu and alicia are free to go." the director said. "Finally" Michael dicho to himself. Him and alicia then walked out and began walking to their trialers. "Hey mj tu want to go bowling with me and tj tonight?" Alicia asked. "No thanks im spending time with diane tonight." Michael said. "Wow tu two really must have patched things up since 3 months ago." Alicia dicho in amazement. "Yea...we have and we really amor and care for one another." Michael replied. "Well im glad to hear that." Alicia smiled. "Thanks...and thanks for being there for me...even when tu hated my guts.", "Hey no problem...what are best friends for????...hey ill see tu around mj...have fun with diane." Alicia dicho as her and michael walked their seprate ways.

Back at her trailer, Diane sat on the sofá waiting for michael to mostrar up. After about 10 minutos of waiting michael walked in the door. "Hey beautiful." , "Hey baby" Diane dicho as she walked over to michael and gave him a kiss. "How was work?" Diane asked. "tiring..and i wasnt evening dancing....i was pretty much sitting down looking at a tv screen." Michael replied. "Well why dont tu go and sit down and i will make us some tea." Diane said. "No...ill get it...you should be resting" Michael dicho as he walked into the kitchen. "Baby ill have time to rest up in 2 weeks when im on materity leave." Diane dicho sweetly/ "No..i insit." Michael smiled. "Ok fine... ill go rest on the couch." Diane smiled and walked over to the couch.

Meanwhile back at Mary's trialer, the disc was finally done burning onto the disc. Mary popped it into her comupter to make sure that it worked and there was no sratches on it that would cause it to skip. After watching it, and seeing it play perfectly she placed it in a unlabeled cd case. "This should be good when i give it to the producers of TMZ." Mary thought to herself. Mary thought while she was at it. she would burn a copy for herself...for pleasure purposes. "I definetly want to have a memory of this." Mary laughed evily. "Now if only tommorrow would hurry up and get here....i want to put my plan into action." Mary thought to herself. "Oh but it will come soon enough.

Early the siguiente morning Mary woke up extra early and headed to TMZ studios. Once she got there she walked up to the front escritorio with the video of diane in hand she handed it to the lady at the front desk. "Ma'am what is this?" the lady asked. "Oh its some footage of my friend who is michael jacksons mistress....who so happenes to be pregnant with his child...and i think shes crazy because i dont think he loves her." Mary said. "Who is this misstress tu speak of?" the lady asked with interest. "Her name is Diane Lee, shes the type of girl who sleeps her way of the hollywood ladder if tu know what i mean....and michaels song that came out last mes is about her if tu were wondering." Mary said. "Well this is surely some hot stuff ill be sure that this is on TMZ tonight." the lady replied as she took the disc. "Oh make sure when tu mostrar it tonight dont blur out her face...i want the world to see her face." Mary said. "I will make sure of that." the lady replied. "Good." Mary dicho with an evil grin as she walked out of TMZ studios.........

Early that eveing......

Alicia was in her trialer with her friend tori. "Omg i am soooo bored." Tori said. "Well what do tu wanna do?" Alicia asked. "I dont know...i guess we can watch TMZ." Tori sugguested. "Why??? that mostrar is just a piece of crap all they do is say and make up fasle stories about celberties." Alicia stated. "I dont care its something to do." Tori dicho as she cut it on. Alicia decided to make her a emparedado, sándwich de as she did she could hear the people of TMZ talking about lady gaga. After she finished she decided to sit on the sofá with Tori and watch tv. As she did TMZ was going to commerical. "When TMZ returns.....we have a shocking video of michael jackson's supposed pregnant misstress and find out if she is the really life dirty diana...its all siguiente on TMZ" Alicia about choked on her sandwich...tori just sat there with her mouth opened in shock. "What the hell?!" Alicia exclaimed. "I have no idea what just happened..." tori dicho in shock. "I dont either but im going to find out." Alicia dicho as she took out her phone and dial michaels number. After about a couple of rings he answered. "Hello?" , "Michael turn on TMZ right now!" , "Why?" Michael asked. "Just Do it!" Alicia exclaimed. "Ok ok." Michael dicho as he walked over to his tv and turned it on to TMZ. Michael turn it on just to see TMZ coming back on after a commercial. "Check out this video of michael jackson's pregnant mistress." Michael eyes where glued to the tv." They began to play a video of diane talking. Michael felt his corazón break más and más as he watch. Michael took out his phone and dialed her number. "Hello?" , "Diane how could tu do this to me?" Michael dicho as tears flowed down his cheeks. "Baby what are tu talking about?" , "Im talking about video taping yourself with the help of mary!!!! and tu put it on TMZ!" Michael exclaimed as tears contiued to fall down his cheeks. "Baby...i have no idea what tu are talking about.... i didnt video tape myself and send it to TMZ." Diane pleaded. "Yea whatever...im sick of your lies." Michael cried as he hung up the phone.After he hung up diane walked over to the tv and cut on TMZ...sure enough there was a video of her talking to mary about michael." That little perra tricked me!!!!" Diane exclaimed to herself as she began to cry. Just then her cellphone rang it was ethan. "Omg Diane what happened?" he asked with concern. "Mary tricked me!" Diane cried. "What how did she trick you?" , "She came to my trialer yesterday claiming that she wanted to apologize for what she did to me and michael.... i dont know how she video taped me.....and now michael hates me!" Diane began to cry even more."Oh diane im so sorry hola ill call mj maybe i can talk to him." Ethan said. "Ok" Diane sobbed. "Ill call tu back later" Ethan dicho as he hung up and dial michael's number. "What do tu want ethan?" Michael asked rudely. "Mj...Diane didnt video tape herself Mary did...Mary tricked her...mj tu have to believe her." Ethan pleaded. "Yea whatever...i dont even care right now...i dont care about her o our baby i dont care anymore!" Michael exclaimed with tears in his eyes. "Mj tu dont mean that!!! i know tu dont!!" Ethan pleaded. "Yes i do!!!!and tu can tell diane that i dicho it I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!" Michael exclaimed as he hung up his phone.........

Back at Diane trialer, Diane lie in her bed.. not knowing how this could happen. Diane had been crying for over an hora and a half. Just then there was a knock at the door. Diane placed a almohada over her face trying to ignore the knocks figuring it was michael. Suddenly she heard the door open. "Diane??? its me Ethan where are you?" Ethan dicho as he looked around the trialer until he saw her in her bedroom crying. "Diane...im so sorry...i tired to talk to him..but he wouldnt listen." Ethan dicho as he rubbed her leg. "What did he say?" Diane sniffled. "I...dont think tu want to know...it was very hurtful..and i dont want tu to go into labor early." , "Just tell me ethan." Diane demanded. "He dicho he doesnt care about tu and the baby anymore." Ethan said. With that Diane began to cry. "Diane please dont cry! i hate to see tu like this...i'm going to spend the night here." , "No ethan im fine...just go." Diane sniffled. "Are tu sure?" Ethan asked. Diane shook her head yes, Ethan soon left...Diane cried herself to sleep that night...........

Meanwhile Alicia sat in her trialer paceing back and forth not believing what just happened. "Alicia would tu stop...your getting on my nerves walking back and forth like that." Tori said. "Hey tori did tu tevo this?" Alicia asked. "As a matter a fact... i did." Tori said. Just then Alicia got an idea. "Give me the remote." Tori then handed Alicia the remote. Alicia scrolled down until she got to TMZ/Michael's mistress on the tevo menu she then clicked on and fast forwaded to the part of diane talking. she then paused it and turned up the sound when she did she could cleary hear Mary in the background. "Oh my god!!!! mary tricked diane!!! Mary was the one who took this to TMZ!!!" Alicia exclaimed............

a mouth has now gone by. Diane and michael are not talking. Tj, Alicia and Ethan know that it was all a set up done por mary but michael after numours talks with them still believes that Diane was the one who did it, and he claims he doesnt care about what happens to diane o the baby... but really he does care he is really hurt at this point. Diane is now 9 months pregnant and could deliver any día now...

Alicia sat por herself in the break room watching tv. "Why wont mj believe that mary was the one behind the whole TMZ thing?" Alicia thought to herself. Alicia hated to see Diane so upset. Just knowing that michael believed everything he saw o heard dealing with diane made alicia extremely upset. She knew he was doing this because of what happened with him and jenna. "Gosh i wish i would find the truth first before he would go and do something like that!" Alicia thought to herself. Just then michael walked into the breakroom and looked at Alicia as if he wanted to tell her something. Alicia could out of the corner of her eye. "What do tu want mj?" Alicia dicho coldly. "I ....I" Michael studdered. "You know what mj? why do i even care???? Ive told tu the same thing about a thousand times that tu shouldnt dump a girl every fucking time something happens...did tu listen no!...im sick of this mj!!! im sick of tu believing everthing tu hear!!! and FYI Mary was the one who videotaped diane talking, mary apparently hid her video camara in her bolso, monedero and went over to diane's trailer actuación like she was apologizing to her! Mj im done! im done with tu doing that crap!!! tu need to learn to not do that!!!!" Alicia exclaimed as she stormed passed michael and walked out of the breakroom. "Your right..." Michael said. "What?" Alicia replied. "I dicho your right alicia....i always believe the first thing i heard...and i never took the time to really do my reasoning and find the truth...i deserved every bit of what tu just dicho to me." Michael replied. "Yea...but to tell tu the truth... i think your pretty much screwed because i doubt after this diane will take tu back a segundo time...so there is a good chance tu have just lost diane and rose....your apology might have come too late." Alicia dicho as she began to walk away. "Alicia please...please help me get Diane back!!!!" Michael pleaded. Alicia stood there thinking about it. "Please i..cant live without her...or ...rose." Michael sobbed. Alicia even thought she was hard on him she hated to see him like this. Alicia sighed. "Ok...il try my best to help you...but i will say there is doubt that she wont take tu back." , "I dont care...i want to try and get her back...i'd do anything." Michael sniffled. Just then alicia's phone rang. Alicia pulled it out of her pocket and looked at it. It was Tj calling her. "Hello?" , "Hey Alicia tu need to get mj down here to Mary's trailer...i found that video and i found how she filmed diane." , "Ok....wait a minuto did tu say your in Mary's trailer?" Alicia asked. Michael gave alicia a wide eyed look. "Yea i am just hurry up and get mj down here.", "Ok we're on our way." Alicia hung up her phone and grabbed michael arm and ran off to Mary's trailer......

Meanwhile, Diane sat on her sofá watching tv. During a commercial she decided to go and make her something to eat. Once she got into the cocina she felt a sharp pain in her back. "Ah!" Diane exclaimed. Diane knew then she was going into labor. She then reached for her cellphone which was on the counter and dial ethan's number. "Hey diane whats up?" , "Get over here now...Ethan i think im in labor." Diane dicho breathless on the phone. "Dont worry im two minutos away!" Ethan said. "Hurry!" Diane pleaded in pain as she hung up the phone sure enough in about 2 minutos Ethan was there. Ethan ran over to diane and began to help her out the door. "Has your water broken yet?" Ethan asked. "No..but if we dont leave soon it might." Diane dicho in pain. Ethan got her in the car and drove her to UCLA medical center. Once diane was signed in and was hooked up. Ethan went back to Diane's trailer to get a few things.....

However, michael, tj and alicia who were unaware that diane was in labor were in Mary's trailer watching the video of Diane she had recorded. "That little Bitch!" Michael exclaimed. "Yea and heres how she did it." Tj dicho as he handed michael a black purse. In the side of it was a hole cut to the size of a camara lens. "I have to go apologize to diane." Michael dicho as he walked out the door. Alicia and tj followed. Once they arrived michael didnt hesistate at all. He walked up and opened the door. "Diane?...are tu here??? Diane???" Michael called as he looked around. "She's not here." Someone dicho from behind. Michael turned around to see ethan. "Where is she?" Michael asked. "She's at the hospital....shes in labor." Ethan replied. "Oh my god...we need to get tu to the hospital now mj!" Alicia replied as she grabbed him por the arm. "Wait i thought he didnt care about her???" Ethan said. "Well i do now...i know mary was lying and when i dicho i didnt care i didnt mean it." Michael dicho as he followed alicia and tj out the door. "I knew tu didnt." Ethan smiled to himself as he finished packed and headed back to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Diane water had broke and she was now almost fully dilated. "When is Ethan going to be back?" Diane thought as she moved in pain.Just then Ethan arrived back in the room. Back down in the lobby michael, alicia and tj just arrived. Alicia walked up to the desk. "Excuse me, what room is diane lee in?" Alicia asked. " Um she's in 207..that right down the hall." the nurse answered. "Ok lets go." Alicia dicho as she grabbed michael's arm and began to walk down the hall, tj followed. "Wait, tu all cant go in there...she is about to give birth and only two of tu can go in there." the nurse said. "Well mj and i will go tu wait out here tj." Alicia said. Tj nodded. "What is tu guys relationship with Miss lee?" the nurse asked. "Well im her friend and mj here is the father of the baby." Alicia replied. "Ok your free to go." the nurse said. Michael and alicia raced down the hall to diane's room...where the doctors where preparing her for delivery. Michael and alicia began to walk in the room when they were stopped por the midwife. "Only one of tu can come in here." She said. Alicia looked in the room to see ethan was in there. "Go ahead mj" Alicia dicho as she gave him a push. "Sir are tu the..." "Father?..yes i am the father of the child." Michael dicho cutting her off. The midwife moved and let michael walk in the room.

When he walked in diane was laying in the cama in pain with her back turned toward the door. "Diane...he's here." Ethan dicho as michael walked up to her. Diane turned around. "Michael?" , "Diane...im so sorry...im sorry." Michael sobbed as he kissed her on the lips."Its ok baby i fogive you" Diane cried as she kissed him and caressed his face."Miss Lee...its time for tu to push." the doctor said. Michael grabbed her hand, and she began to push. After pushing for what seemed like forever baby Rose was born. "She's beautiful." Michael dicho as he gave Diane a kiss. "I know" Diane dicho as tears of joy began to fall down her cheeks. "Sir..would tu like to hold your daughter?" the midwife asked. Michael held his arms out, the midwife placed rose in his arms. Michael couldnt stop crying tears of joy as he held little rose. She was very beautiful..she had diane's nose and mouth...she had michael's eyes and hair. "I amor tu so much rose." Michael dicho as he gave baby rose a kiss on her little forhead..........

The siguiente día michael came back to the hospital to visit. When he walked into the room diane was holding Rose. "Hey baby" She dicho as he walked in." "Hey beautiful" Michael dicho as he walked over and kissed Diane. "Whats behind your back?" Diane asked noticeing michael hand his right hand behind his back. Michael then took some rosas he had gotten daine out from behind his back, this time there was something in his left hand hiding behind his back. "These are for you." He dicho placeing the rosas on a mesa, tabla near diane. "What else do tu have hiding behind your back?" Diane asked. "Diane...i know that these past several mouths have been really rocky... and that we havent know each other that long..." Michael began to go down on one knee. "But i want to know...Diane Will tu marry me?" Michael asked. Diane smiled as tears of joy began to fall down her face. "Yes..yes i will" Diane answered. Michael smiled then he and diane kissed.

The End!!!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3

About 2 mouths afterward Michael and diane where happliy married in a very small but beautiful cermoney. After being married for two years Diane and michael welcomed a segundo baby girl named Abby.Michael and Diane are happily living at neverland as a happy family. As for mary..well she soon found out that she herself was pregnant with mark's child soon after Diane gave birth to Rose. But lets just say...Mark wanted nothing to do with her......

Thank tu all soooooo much for the nice comments! im glad tu enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed escritura this fantasy. Im hoping to think of más when i have the time. The might be a little shorter than this one. But they will still be entertaining i hope. Anyways thanks a bunch!!!! Much amor to tu all <3 <3 <3 :) ;)
 Baby Rose <3
Baby Rose <3
 Baby Abby :) <3
Baby Abby :) <3
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