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Woman clams to be Michael Jackson's wife and wants money!

A woman por the name of Shelle Doreen Smith filled legal papers laying clams to Michael Jackson's money.Smiths' says that she was married to Michael in the 1970's,thought she can's remember exacly when.She also clams taht the marrige ceremony was help in a New York hotel and was witnessed only por hotels's employees.Reports say that is seeking spousal support from Jackson as well.

C'mon!!!!She wants money,by she can't remember the big day!!Please!!!She has más Looney Toones in her head then Warner brothers cartoon film festival!!!!!Give it a reast already!!
What do tu think about this??
 kiss93 posted hace más de un año
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DawnlovesMJ1983 said:
I agree.I think she is crazy and I hope she don't get anything!!! Looney Lady indeed!!
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posted hace más de un año 
PrincessGurl said:
i agree! this lady jus wants money! shes jus as crazy as Billie Jean was!
wow, give it a rest already!
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posted hace más de un año 
she just trying to get at mj money i mean if u were marrying the biggest singer ever to grace this planet u would rember the día u got hitched and the later that night :)
princelover96 posted hace más de un año
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