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Micheal, are tu happy out there?

can tu hear me?
miss tu so.
i wish i could be with you. i amor you.
i know tu are innocent, and perfect.
sorry, michael, forgive me. i amor tu
ella1123 posted hace más de un año
I miss him too so bad :((( ♥♥
liberiangirl_mj posted hace más de un año
Me, too, but I have the memories of Michael to look back on
cherl12345 posted hace más de un año
 ella1123 posted hace más de un año
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haddijack said:
Really I'm crying right now looking at his pictures ..
I miss him everyday infact he is no más with us now we can only see his pictures,video but in reality he's not living in with us,I really amor him r.I.p :'(
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posted hace más de un año 
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