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And I Call Myself a MJ Fan?

I mean sadly I didn't even know about his comeback tour till after he passed and I call myself a fan *cries*

I've been a fan of him since I was little I idolized him my whole life he inspired me to sing I mean I wouldn't have the courage to perform on stage in school plays o talent shows.
and I had a little girl crush on him since I saw the thriller short film and still do.
like some ppl are saying that I ain't a true MJ fan im like, "I AM I've just kept my obsession with him a secret through my life cuz I didn't want to get teased at school o outside school o having a obsession and crush on a singer they believe who molest kids and had plastic surgery which he DIDN'T.

even the impersonators in the cine who make him look bad I laughed well the other ppl were laughing so I did too and well I had no idea what it was all about till after I found out why,
and I still watch those cine but I just skip those parts cuz they aren't funny anymore.

I seriously call myself a fan and even after a he just passed I decide to let my obsession out and look up info I missed out on like i found out it was a skin condition he had and stuff.

do tu guys feel the same =(.
I just feel guilty about what happen.

 angiecakes posted hace más de un año
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Mushii said:
Don't feel guily! tu are not guily of what happend!

I'm sure that MJ would've been proud and very happy that tu have changed. Sometimes it's good to change and it's very Valiente of tu that tu had the courage to say the truth to us all. I'm really surprised, but you're not alone...

There are other people who dosen't have the same courage as you. People who did as tu did, but who's not that brave. And the ones I'm kind'a mad at is them. tu have found out the truth and that's all that counts now.

So don't feel guilty for anything, it's all right.
And everything is just fine! But I'm not as sure with the other fans...
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posted hace más de un año 
MJfangirl said:
tu know don't feel bad o sad about it,ofcourse tu are a real MJ fan even i becamed his fan after he passed away it's not your fault
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posted hace más de un año 
paloma97ppb said:
There is no problem with that. I mean don’t feel sad about it, we are all humans and we can do mistakes. tu are a true fan of him, many people became a fan after his death and I don’t find that wrong. Its good cause tu discovered someone brilliant.
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posted hace más de un año 
yeah but some actually hated him before and now they all like him I mean cmon I don't call that true fans though I mean I've been a fan of him since I was little so thats why I feel a little guilty :(.
angiecakes posted hace más de un año
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