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A Dedication to mj and all my fans.....From Foreveramjjfan :)

i just wanted to dedicate this song to not only mj's fans and my i also want to dedicate this song to all the mj fan around the world. Im sure mj loved tu guys as much as i do. i know tu guys know that mj went through alot in the last years of his life,were like his family. This song is called "No día But Today" From the musical "Rent". Plz listen to the words and youll understand why i dedicated this to tu guys and mj.

Enjoy <3

p.s- Leave a corazón for MJ <3
<3 <3 I really like this song
paloma97ppb posted hace más de un año
thanks this is a cool song
ej_classic posted hace más de un año
aww!!! I amor this song<3 x
reneemonique posted hace más de un año
 foreveraMJJFan posted hace más de un año
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laylah92209 said:
very good whoever sent dis
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posted hace más de un año 
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