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Another Song Dedication to michael <3......

this another song that i think fits mj. This song made me cry when i first heard it. Well anyways this song is called "Everything" por Lifehouse. I chose this song because michael was everything that the world needed. Now days people arent as kind, tu find people who steal,kill, hurt children,and also animals. Its very rare tu find someone like michael, i know there will never be no one like him.......<3 <3
Miss tu soooo much Mj <3
 foreveraMJJFan posted hace más de un año
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paloma97ppb said:
Aww OMG that song is so sad. I amor Life house

Forever MJ! <3 <3
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posted hace más de un año 
i have other ones ive publicado but nobody has answered them
foreveraMJJFan posted hace más de un año
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