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DISCLAIMER PLEASE comentario Angel: Elle Fanning The Gasman: Jimmy Pinchak Nudge: Paige Hurd Iggy: Alex Pettyfer o Max Thieriot Fang: Nathan Norton o Nick Fowler Max: Spencer Locke
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posted by jackie5starr
hola guys!!! I'm a indescribably huge fan of both Twilight and Maximum Ride! But! seriously...they don't mix...I mean the two libros are insanely different in contents, characters, and story mood. Twilight's character embraces tons of drama and amor whereas Max and the flock hates any emotions watsoevah...No offense to whoever who wrote the sequel...the story tu wrote was quite amusing but Twilight and Max Ride just doesn't mix well. It's all about the chemistry...Ok u can say that twilight and harry potter have nothing in common...but then again they are always put together...sorry that's a...
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posted by funnyshawna
hehe here is the segundo installment to our story collection:)

Maximum Twilight: Part Two
By: Fast Farms

Fang woke up to a bright blue sky, and something hard hitting his head. Ow, he thought rubbing the spot where a small pinecone had hit him. He looked around. Gazzy was grinning and when he spotted Fang's gaze on him, he quickly looked away. Fang sighed and jumped down from the huge árbol he had perched on for the night. The rest of the flock was up and eating a loaf of French pan de molde, pan that they had stolen the anterior night. They were in France, and had been for a few weeks now. Actually, Fang was...
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