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what is your favorito! Max &Liz scenes from season 1?

 RoseLovesJack posted hace más de un año
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each1touch1 said:
Pilot: When Liz looks into Max's soul
The Morning After: Liz ask Max about their age in the eraser room
Leaving Normal: When Liz says she wants an alien blast, and at the end when she hugs Max
Heat Wave: Of course their first kiss
Into the Woods: Max ask Liz is this the way things going to be for now on (Toothbrush scene)
Blind Date: When Max kiss Liz (see the besar flashes) at the concert.
Sexual Healing: I like the whole episode
Destiny: When Max told Liz it was the thought of her that kept him alive.
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posted hace más de un año 
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