Hi my name is Ella wahlberg,yes I'm the daughter of Mark Wahlberg,and this is my story/life.
Mark:Ella come here.
(Ella is running down the stairs to her dad)
Ella:Yes daddy?
(Mark smiled at his daughter's beautiful face)
Mark:I amor tu Ella and I need tu to go pack your things,we're going on a mission with daddy,OK?
Ella:yayyy,and OK
(Ella runs upstairs and starts packing her things,then maria-mark's wife,walks in and says hola baby,to mark)
Mark:hey,gorgeous umm..I need tu and Ella to come on a mission with me,and I told Ella she's already upstairs packing.
Maria:OK,but what kind?
Mark:umm..OK I want lie it's about drugs.
Maria:(shocked)Mark tu dicho tu would stop I we had a baby,and we have a baby,sorry mark,but me and Ella are not going.
Mark:please baby promise after this,it's officially over
(He and maria smiled and kissed,then Ella came down and dicho ewww,maria and mark laughed,and they all watched a movie together, before the big mission)
(Marks Alarm went off,5:30,he got up and woke his two girls up)
Maria:ugh..why this early
Ella's room
Ella:no,daddy I'm sleepy
Mark:please,baby wake up,you can get toys
(Maria shot up and started getting dress)
Mark,got dressed,maria was already dress
Mark:Ready girls?
(So they locked their house and made sure everything was off)
Mark:everyone buckled up.
And they were offthey finally made it to the place
Mark:you two stay in the car
(It's night time)
(Mark got out the car,went in got the drugs and was walking out,until the man(who gave him the drugs)said let me see your family.
The man:NOW!!!
(Mark got the girls out of the car and brought them to the man)
Mark:This is my wife maria,and my daughter Ella.
The man:they're both beautiful,TAKE THEM!!!
(Next thing tu know,guards were coming taking maria and Ella away,but mark fought,and fought until he was knock out,and tied up in a basement)
Ella:mommy I'm scared
Maria:it' ok,baby daddy will save us+she hoped)
(Here and Ella were tied down in the man's room,he walked in)
The man:mine names jerry I'm your new husband,and your new father little one.
Maria:no you're not tu pr*ck.
Jerry:ohh,cupcake watch that mouth
(Jerry slaps maria hard on the cheek)
Jerry:you better obey me.hahaha
Jerry:Ella is that your name?
Ella:(did not respond)
Jerry:(yelled)ANSWER ME
Jerry takes maria in a private room
Jerry: baby I'm sorry,he looks at her chheks and strokes it,she flinches alitte.
Jerry:baby I'm sorry,now let's make a baby
Jerry:(yelled) yell again and you're gonna get hurt.
(Mark heard that and tried to get aloose from the chains)
Jerry forcefully kissed maria,and maria had no control,he took off her close and did her,she screamed louder and louder,but she kept get hurt by,jerry
Jerry:Ugh..that felt good.
Maria spit in his face
Jerry did maria again,she screamed,and screamed.
Jerry walked in the room,where Ella was she was so quiet.
Jerry:hey baby,pull down your pants for me,and turn around.
Ella:no big fat meaning tu hurt mommy.
She did as she was told
Jerry stuck himself in her,and he moan loudly.
Ella screamed,really loud,and jerry kept raping,her harder,and harder,and he pulled himself out of her,and brought it to her face.
Jerry:suck it baby,it's a lollipop
Jerry forced it in her mouth she almost choked so,she bit it hard and ran away.
Jerry:ahhhh,you little bitch,when I find tu tu are so gonna pay.
Ella ran as fast as she could,but he caught her,and raped her hard,and beat her,so in the morning she had bruises everywhere,maria crieknowing what had happened so she rocked her baby back and forth.

Hoped tu enjoyed,part 2 coming out in june,22 bye.