Because of starting as simple trainers the 4 elite are rather layed back compared to other sets. the champion, however, is a direct descendant of Negi Akh. while he's generally kind, if tu get on his bad side you'll regret it. each of them has over 6 pokemon and catches más as they see fit, so knowing what 6 they will use is never sure...each of the 4 has a different place they "play" and changing out pokemon once tu start the challenge isn't aloud. (meaning tu can't battle 1 of them and then change pokemon for the siguiente one) this is the ONLY time in this region tu are only aloud to have 6 pokemon with you. however, that also applies to them.

Vivian: the 1st you'll be facing. she's the grass, bug, and poison master and her green-house battle area reflects that. she's very fashionable and her designs are worn throughout the region and in other regions as well. she's most known for jewelry and bathing suits.

Ember: fuego and lightning are her specialty. lava flows and boiling pools of water in her place off set the constant buzz of electricity from the generators. from the outside it looks like a factory. not only is she a great trainer, she's the lead singer in a big-time band. oddly, though, her speaking voice isn't all that spectacular.

Siren: the dark and ghost lover of the group, her place looks like the ultimate haunted house on the outside and the inside. low light is an instant contrast from the last battle tu faced and the light that does shine in is blood red. she's known as much for her dark poesía as for her role as a gótico model/actress.

Gray: he loves rock, ground, and fighting types. his place looks like a Japanese DoJo inside and out. it has a solid rock floor and tons of fight training equipment around. often when tu walk in he'll be training in some way, shape, o form. he also teaches children not only about fighting and pokemon, but about sportsmen ship.

Ryue: the champion, he loves dragon and psychic types best but has been known to use any type he feels fit. he's been known to walk about the entire region and do whatever he likes. because he has psychic types he can teleport bak to his spot instantly. his place looks like a set of ruins.