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did marilyn monroe really have an affair with JFK?

 starryeyed111 posted hace más de un año
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sarabeara said:
It's pretty much been confirmed that she did.
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 It's pretty much been confirmed that she did.
posted hace más de un año 
"It is highly unlikely. The pair only met four times, between October 1961 and August 1962. The final meeting being May 1962, it is at most that they had a one night stand, as the three other meetings where socially." <-- Quote from one of the most accurate sources I've ever found. Frankly, people will believe whatever they want. There was one photographer who made fake fotos of a Marilyn and JFK doubles and published them to stir up publicity (I forgot the name). There are a lot of false accounts, tu need to do your research. I think it is possible that they may of had something for each other, I am not sure if they acted upon them. & Honestly, the only people that will ever know 100% are those two.
TheDamnBra posted hace más de un año
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