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posted by moonfire12024
Leader:Forgotten melody of the bloody moon[Melody],or Moonfire:a light-ginger,& white tiger striped she-cat,with sapphire & rosado, rosa flecked eyes.


Medicine cat:NA

Nightcloud,or Cloudless bloody night sky[Sky]:a black tom,with amber eyes.(Melody's mate)
Angelwing,or Wings of an angel[Angel]:a white she-cat,with blue-green eyes(Melody's sister)
Lavatail,or Lava that runs down mountain[Lava]:a black & ginger tom with green eyes.(Angel's mate)
Snowflower,or flor the blooms in Leafbare[Flower]:a white she-cat,with blue-gray eyes.(Melody's sister)
Snowshadow,or Shadow of the...
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