Moving for college?

So here's the deal.
I was a college student who couldn't afford my college anymore.
The college was also a 13 hora drive from my hometown.
I've come back inicial for a couple years to save up to go back because I loved the school and need an excuse to get away from my mentally abusive family.
I was overjoyed when I learned I could actually afford another semester (Spring)...the problem?
I started hanging out with my favorito! cousin again at a bar/music venue almost weekly back in October.
That's when I met this guy.
It was a halloween event and he and I accidentally matched costumes.
I learned that he was also a musician like myself and became intrigued por him.
I decided that about 2 weeks ago, I'd finally bite the bullet and ask him for coffee (y'know it's casual, nothing to crazy)
He initially dicho no and started stuttering about not having gone out like that in years but later in the night approached me saying he changed his mind because coffee wasn't forceful.
We talked a bit and I told him I had interest.
Though we both agreed that neither of us could see ourselves in a relationship for the siguiente few months because of me leaving and his job taking A LOT of his time.
I just told him I wanted to get to know him and see what life does about it, see where it goes if tu will.
So we went on the fecha and it went fairly well.
We sat together for about 2 and a half hours just talking about various interests.
Now here we are...tomorrow is the last día I'll be able to go to the bar.
I plan on preforming at the open mic.
I'm not sure what to say to him.
Should I say "I hope we can stay in contact."?
I'm really bad at these kind of things, very socially awkward and he appears to be just as shy and stuttery.
 suzyisbrute posted hace 6 meses
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kittykazami said:
I'm curious what happened
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posted hace 4 meses 
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