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posted by want2watcheroes
 Deserves más fans
Deserves more Fans
I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the same way about this. This spot doe's have a fair amount of fans and lots compared to some other spots, however i feel that it still should have more.

I know it has lots más fans outside of fanpop than some of the spots that have más fans. I don't know how shows like gossip girl have más fans than Lost! How could they! lost is one of the best things on T.V!

There should be around the 8000 lost fans at least! It's in the fifth season! I feel it deserves más fans than some other spots that have más fans anyway - but then again, this is probably just because I'm a lost fan and not a fan of half the stuff above it.

If tu are not a fan of lost, it must be because tu didn't watch from beginning because it's a great mostrar and tu should watch if tu like T.V.

Sorry for escritura this but doe's anyone else think lost deserves más fans?
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A short vid for Locke and Helens failed relationship. I amor Locke but I never see many videos for him.
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First I want to thank all people who voted on me and say Hi! to all lost fans - tu are the greatest!

1. When and how did tu get into Lost?

It was September 2005 (lol!). I was watching Desperate Housewives until first commercial break. I switched channel and then I saw last 2 minutos of lost Pilot pt.1 ... tu know, Kate, Jack, Charlie and dead pilot on the árbol ;p
I was really intrigued, I wanted to know what is going on! And I was lucky - the siguiente episode was straight away :).
Desicion was easy - screw DH! The rest is history!

2. Why do tu like lost so much?

Because it isn't like any other show....
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This may seem confusing...
Lets say that all the Losties (Locke, Jack, Kate, Sawyer) where members of the Dharma in the past (as we have seen in a spoiler foto they are all dressed as them). Then lets say that the gas Ben used did not kill the Dharma but unstuck them in time causing their nose's to bleed when they got 'stuck' like Minkowski dicho 'I can't get back' maybe he didn't die but got stuck as his older self, so future him died but past him did not. Still with me.

So if the losties where Dharma perhaps they where send back in time o off the island o even adelante, hacia adelante in time. If tu look at the pilot Jack wakes up in the jungle much like Ben does in 4x09 after teleporting and he also has a batton like thing siguiente to him (Right of screen)

I just discovered that six years after ABC’s "LOST" left the air, many fans are still harboring illusions about the Kate Austen character. Why? Because she was portrayed por Evangeline Lilly, the show’s leading lady? Did Kate being the leading female character was a reason why so many made excuses for her mistakes and crimes? What exactly did Kate do? Well . . . let’s see:

*Murdered her stepfather Wayne Jensen, when she discovered that he was her real father. Apparently, she could not deal with the reality that she shared blood with him.

*In order...
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