I.The Hobbit
p20. map and key
p34-41 trolls
p52 Elrond looks at swords
p64 Gandolf re-appears to save them from goblins
p72-82 Bilbo and Gollum (riddles)
p100 Wargs (evil wolves), p.106 eagle rescue
p118 about. Beorn the skinchanger
p126 Gandolf and smoke-rings
p137 Gandolf leaves the party p297 Defeat of the Necromancer
p 155 "I shall call tu Sting"
p170 captured por wood elves
p181 escape in barrels
p209 opening the door
p215 smaug awakes p.224 his weakspot p249 shot with an arrow
p263 Thorin is stubborn
p271 Bilbo bargains with the Arkenstone
p278-285 and 289 Battle of 5 Armies

II. Fellowship of the Rings
p52 Bilbo puts on the ring p58 gives it to Frodo
p75-87 the message on the ring, destruction etc.
p91 Sam's orders
p136 Merry and Pippen's pledge
p156(and again p181) rescued por Tom
p240 Frodo is hurt por Riders
p275 Elrond, Arwen and Gloin
p324 Gandolf speaks about Saruman and Sauron, Frodo volunteers to go to Mordor
p330 the company
p346 fuego in a blizzard
p356 Wargs
p367 "Friend" in Elvish opens a door (narrow escape from tentacled beast)
p380 Balin's tomb
p389 orcs shoot arrows
p391 "you cannot pass!!!"
p398 Frodo's mithril tunic
p411 they enter the Naith blind-folded
p427-430 and 444 Galadriel's mirror and gift
p453 followed por Gollum
p466 Decisions
p470 Boromir and the ring
p478 Frodo and Sam continue alone...

III. Two Towers
p21 Boromir's funeral
p42 Aragorn's identity
p71 Merry and Pippen free themselves and meet Treebeard in the following pages (chap.4)
p89 who is Saruman?
p99 a new line in old lists
p105 Entmoot meeting ends with decision to attack Isengard
p116 Gandalf comes back "from the dead" p125 his tale
p141 Eowyn
p149 and 243 Shadowfax
p140 and 147 Grima the wormtongue, advisor to Theoden (King of Rohan and Lord of the Mark) is confronted
p166 and 174 Legolas and Gimli compete
p180 they plan to mostrar each other the forest of Fangorn and Helm's Deep, respectively
p191 all those left of the company reunited (except frodo and sam of course)
p217 Theoden and the company meet Saruman\
p234 Pippen and the orb
p274 Sam worries about food
p283 Smeagol talks to himself out loud
p295 about ... a 2nd way into Mordor
p313 Faramir
p318 an oliphant
p347 Smeagol repeatedly spared his life
p372 the Wraith king
p389 Frodo uses the estrella glass from Galadriel
p393 Shelob the spider
p406 Sam puts on the ring, soon afterwards Frodo is captured por orcs

IV. Return of the King
p.29 Pippen swears service to Denethor of Gondor (father of Boromir/Faramir)
p54 Merry becomes a squire to Theoden
p64 Gimli enters the paths of the dead with fear
p92 Gandalf and Pippen receive news of Frodo and Sam
p106 the Nazgul, Faramir gets a fever and Gandolf takes charge
p128 Eowyn kills the black captain, Theoden dies a page later
p141 Faramir is rescued, Denethor commits suicide 2pgs later
Healed por Aragorn:
Faramir (p156), Eowyn (158), Meriodoc (159)
p164 Legolas, Gimli, Merry and Pippen together again
p206 Sam finds Frodo
p245 Gollum attacks p250 Frodo loses a finger/ the ring destroyed
p268,271. Faramir and Eowyn
p280 Aragorn, King Elessar weds Arwen
p292 pity for Saruman
p334 Saruman and Wormtongue killed
p324,329 Merry leads an attack on ruffians in the shire
p340ish Sam marries and has a child