Note : I came up with these jokes and a few jokes I took from the joke book.

Technology Joke

What did one computer say to the other?


perros and cats' joke

A boy comes inicial one día and runs up to his mom.

Boy : What's a perra and a pussy?
Mom : Well..a perra is a female dog and a pussy is a cat.

The boy thinks to himself that this doesn't sound right that the other kids call each other that.

Dad : (opens up his playboy and fold to the centre, he draws a circulo, círculo around the woman's pussy) What's a perra and a pussy?
Mom : Now that's a pussy, son! Everything else is a bitch!

Disco is dead joke

How did disco died?
In the disco inferno!!

comida joke

Q : What does in Irishmen get after eating Italian food?
A : Gaelic breath.