Gordo on what he learned in The Gordo Shuffle
One of my favorito! episodes is “The Gordo Shuffle” from Season 2. For one thing, Lizzie doesn’t get in trouble (which usually means being grounded) for once. Instead, it’s her friend Gordo who gets into an ordeal and has to learn a lesson the hard way — although this ordeal is one that he’s unable to handle por himself.

It begins when Gordo gets a credit card in the mail. This credit card, he tells Lizzie and her crush Ethan Craft, has him pre-approved for a $5,000 line of credit.

However, Gordo soon learns the hard way that a credit card is the kind of card that has to be paid off at the end of the mes when he tries to buy pizza for the cast and crew of the sci-fi film he’s trying to make, and gets his card declined and cut in half por the pizza guy. Later, after he comes over to Lizzie’s, he tells her that he wants to apologize to her for thinking that she doesn’t support his dream of being a famous movie director, even though she feels she’s the one who should be apologizing instead.

Gordo then reveals that he never got the film completed, but he’s dreamed before, and he’ll dream again. After Lizzie asks him what his parents said, he respuestas that his parents knew he wouldn’t really ask for a credit card; as a result, they got angry when some company just sent a credit card to Gordo.

Lizzie asks him how he’ll pay off the credit card bill, and Gordo’s reply is that he’s going to be without an allowance for some time, which means no más food, o entertainment, o anything, and that he and Lizzie will just have to be content with hanging out with each other, and doing pretty much nothing. From Lizzie’s point of view, that doesn’t sound too hard at all.

In my opinion, credit cards can cause a financial crisis if they’re not handled properly, which is why I prefer the debit card, as the debit card is much easier to use. With a debit card, you’re spending money tu actually have, and tu don’t have to worry about digging yourself deeper into a financial hole, either. Using the debit card wisely and properly is a good thing to do, and it helps... a lot. :)
Gordo tells Ethan what he prefers to impress the ladies with instead of his wallet