Then and Now
I like the episode Dear Lizzie; it’s really cool, as it has the concept of the consejos column in it. Plus, from my perspective, consejos columns are pretty neat, too. :)

“Dear Lizzie,
My little sister is incredibly annoying. She goes through all my stuff, she listens in on my phone calls and is a total pain. But my parents think she’s totally adorable. What do I do?
Signed, I Want To Be An Only Child.”

That correo electrónico was a pretty great start for Lizzie’s consejos column, and her consejos — suggesting that Parker get a lock for her room and look for an out-of-state college — sounded pretty neat, too.

I also like how, in the episode, the people who correo electrónico Lizzie with their problems use really good nicknames.

Here are some of them: Parker McKenzie (I Want to Be An Only Child), Claire Miller (Clean Tween), Veruca Albano (Fed Up), Ethan Craft (More Than Good Hair), Kate Sanders (Baffled Beauty), Larry Tudgeman (The Captain With No Shipmates), and Gordo (Confused Guy).

“Dear Lizzie,
While I am brilliant, witty and debonair, the other kids at school don’t seem to realize this. How can I get the other kids at school to like me?
Signed, The Captain With No Shipmates.”

However, it’s not clear whether Ethan, Kate and Larry actually wrote to Lizzie, o if she was just imagining it. I myself believe she was just imagining all those bad results that would happen because of her respuestas to their queries.

Anyway, I think this is a good episode. After all, consejos columns are very popular. There’s Dear Abby, for one. I like that column, and the consejos I read in it is very well-written, too.
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