⋈~ Jade ~⋈

"Sisters before misters is a good rule. tu never, ever dis one of us for a boy!"

"My música makes me happy."

"It's kinda sucks when the people tu care most about don't really give a shit about you."

"At school I was the swot who had erasers thrown at her in class until I stood up in assembly and sang. There was cheering and suddenly I began to be cool."

"As the Black Eyes Peas once dicho to me, I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night."

"This is how tu make crisps. Get a bowl and there tu have it!"

"I’m gonna say what I don’t like… What I don’t like in a boy is a mono-brow. Why is it there? Please… If you’ve got a mono-brow, get rid of it. It’s not attractive."

"I thought my mom was Diana Ross, and that I could grow up to be the siguiente Diana Ross."

"I hate packing! I always forget important things."

“My security people are always checking up on us to make sure we’re eating healthy, so when they’re watching I eat bananas and satsumas and vegetables, but when they’re not looking, I eat chocolate. And biscuits!”

✽~ Perrie ~ ✽

"Yes, I am a christian, and my boyfriend is a muslim, and he is one of the sweetest persons I could have ever met."

"Things do happen, and its not tu that changes. It's your life that changes."

"I amor my sleep."

"The thing that's good is that we [Little Mix] are all different, so girls can relate to one o other of us."

"Believe in yourself and ignore the haters."

[About the extra media attention she gets from dating Zayn]: "I feel like a piece of meat. I'm a person- not a cordero chop."

"Can we all just get along like we used to in Primary School and bake cakes with pretty rainbows and paint pictures?"

"When we're together at home, it's just me and Zayn. I don't even think of him being in One Direction. He's just a sweet little boy. His most annoying habit is the fact that he doesn't ever stop singing. He's even worse than me."

"Don't worry; Be hippie."

"We wanted every mostrar to be like a Little Mix party."

♫ ~ Jesy ~ ♫

"Your insecurities are what make tu different and what make tu who tu are. If everyone looked the same it would be boring."

“If tu want to wear something, all that matters is that tu amor it, not what other people think. Learn to amor yourself!"

"You don't have to be perfect to be a pop star."

"Being put in a group is the best thing that has ever happened to

"We`re quirky, young and fresh. We`re not trying to be anyone else."

"We want to be internationally successful.The important thing is that this is not just a two-year thing. We want it to last forever."

"I decided to go shopping with my mum in Metro Centre in Gateshead. I literally forgot people would recognise me. We were mobbed. I actually had a security guard to help me shop. That’s the sort of thing that happens to proper stars."

"We`re not perfect and I think that a lot of people can relate to that."

"Jade, Leigh-Anne, Perrie are my three best friends and being with these girls has changed my life."

[After winning X Factor]: "Oh my God. This is never going to sink in. We can`t thank the public enough for picking up the phone.

♛~ Leigh-Anne ~ ♛

“One thing about Perrie is the when she was into a room like, it just lights up. Like her happiness is infection. She’s always happy. She makes me happy. I amor tu Perrie, muah!”

"I'm young, single and sexy!"

"Everyday is a new día when the Little Mix girls are around."

"I`ll admit, I never wanted to be in a band, then, in X Factor, they put me in this group and it`s the best thing that`s ever happened to me."

"It`s just weird having people know who I am and want my autograph and their foto taken with me. It`s crazy."

"The best thing about Little Mix is we`re role modelos for being ourselves."

"I used to be the shyest little thing ever. The thing that brought out my confidence is being in this group with these girls.. Being around them has brought out the best in me. [If tu struggle with feeling confident], my tip is to surround yourself with positive people and good friends."

"I describe my style as urban and street. I'm really influenced por the '80s and '90s, like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. I wear lots of color. I also amor Timberlands. Timberlands are my favorito! thing in the world."

“I think I’d be too much for [Harry Styles o Niall Horan] to handle, I’m a bit too mad.”

"Just believe."

The Little Muffins ♥