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posted by MajorKelly
I have watched the big reveal scene four times today including once with the subtitles. The way I understand it, either Arthur and Amy are half-brother and half-sister (sharing the same mother), o they each have separate mothers, in which case Mrs. Clennam owes Amy nothing. If Amy is the daughter of the unnamed dancer and the Sr. Mr. Clennam, then Mrs. Clennam owes Amy the legacy. If Arthur is the son of Mr. Clennam and the unnamed dancer, then the Clennam's don't owe Amy anything.
ALSO, what does the watch have to do with it? AND wouldn't Flintwich have figured out that Rigaud must've killed his brother in order to come por those papers? That's just a loose end, but the relationship between Amy and Arthur is más important.
 Charlse Dickens
Charlse Dickens
A lot of us who have seen the BBC TV series o read the book of Little Dorrit might not know the great connection between the great writer and his novel, o might wonder how did he come out with this marvelous idea.
and now, before I relate to tu the connection between Charles Dickens and the story of Little Dorrit, let's know a little about Dickens:
Charles John Huffam Dickens was Born at Portsea on February 7th, 1812, the segundo Child of John Dickens of his wife Elizabeth.

 The Marshalsea
The Marshalsea

there's a fact that some people don't know, that the Marshalsea was a real prison, which was used as...
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