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posted by BlairChuckFan
 Their amazing story♥
Their amazing story♥
I found this articulo at the Annie and Liam Fansite! So I thought I would share it with tu guys!
Credit goes to: link

Their story in Season 2:

Liam never told anyone who he slept with, leaving everyone to think he was lying for Annie. Things got out of hand and to get back at Naomi, Annie told her that she and Liam slept together. She also said: "It's weird how every guy who loves tu ends up falling in amor with me," which is actually true.

 "Look, I owe tu a huge apology."
"Look, I owe tu a huge apology."
Finally in episode 11 of season 2 entitled And away they go the truth about Jen being the girl Liam slept...
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Hey, everybody! As tu remember not so long time hace Chryso won LANNIE FOTM of September. We are both sorry for adding this interview so late , school año started and we had intense studying schedule . But here it is , hope you'll enjoy it! :)
At the beginning I would like to congratulate Chryso ! I am so honored and happy I could interview her. This win is unequivocally deserved! :)

First of all Chryso , can tu tell us a little bit about yourself?
 My favorito! libros series are Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries and Gone Series
My favorito! libros series are Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries and Gone Series

hola guys! ;) First of all I want to say how surprised I...
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Simply put, when fans have been following a couple for years, it's highly discourteous for new producers to come along and break that couple up. But it's downright shameful when they can't even keep the full break-up on-screen, and they have to base half of it in unseen events.

During the first three seasons, the creators took Liam and Annie and crafted one of the show's most developed and popular romances. In Season 4, a new team stepped in and had a few options available when it came to this pair:

1. Work Hard (which would involve escritura new stories about the closeness, fun, and challenges...
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posted by BlairChuckFan
This articulo is from the Annie and Liam Reasons lista on FanForum.

Because they balance each other out.
Because it would be hot and sweet.
Because opposites attract.
Because they remind us of Dylan and Brenda.
Because they have tons of chemistry!
Because Liam asked Annie out.
Because he is curious about her.
Because they are "forbidden."
Because they are both gorgeous.
Because he cant stop bugging her.
Because they have that whole good girl/bad boy thing going on.
Because he wants to watch her "explode."
Because we all know she's curious about him too.
Because he wanted to be her partner.
Because he can see...
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As we all know, the Lannie FOTM encuesta for December ended in a tie – TWICE! Both of these lucky girls are winners, but only one can be interviewed for this month, so up first is the lovely Alexis (aka BlairChuckFan). I would just like to congratulate her on her win, and I would also like to say how fun it was coming up with preguntas for her interview and how fun it was to read her answers! CONGRATS, Alexis!

1. I think it's seguro to say that we'd all amor to learn más about you! Can tu tell us a little about yourself?

Well for those who don't know, my name is Alexis. I'm 14 years old and I...
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 Your current favorito! movie is 'The Proposal',right? :D
Your current favorite movie is 'The Proposal',right? :D
As everyone knows,Mary is the first ever Lannie FOTM winner!
Congrats hun,you totally deserve it!

1. First off Mary, can tu tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi everyone! To those who don't know me yet - my name is Mary; I'm from Latvia, a small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, so excuse me for making mistakes, languages never were my strong side. I’m studying economy and management of business in the University, this time it will be the 3 año of my studying. I have 4 perros - breed "Yorkshire terrier" and a cat!! Huge family in other words - 8 members! I amor pop música and...
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.Click to CommentBY Andy Swift12.01 AM EST 11.16.2011
’90210′ Recap: Little Escort Annie Saves The Day!
Tags:90210, AnnaLynne McCord, matt lanter, shenae grimes

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Sign up for the HL newsletter! The Nov. 15 episode of ’90210′ was all about scandals: political, sexual, and in Liam’s case — beautiful.
It took Annie (Shenae Grimes) a few weeks, but she finally realized something about herself on the Nov. 15 episode of 90210: She is a prostitute. I’m not sure what her first clue was — maybe it was when Patrick literally handed her a $10,000 check in exchange for sex — but...
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 "I ADORE Lannie!"
"I ADORE Lannie!"
Hey everyone! Let's Cogratulate link one más time for winning FOTM, because she totally deserved it!! So here's the interview.. I hope tu like it =)

1) To begin with, Anna can tu tell us a little más about yourself in order to know you?

Hey, everybody! My name’s Anna, I’m 18 years old, and I live in Riga, Latvia. This is my first año in University, where I’m studying economy and management. I enjoy skating, watching tv, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with my friends.

2) How do tu feel about winning FOTM?

I’m really thrilled that people decided I deserve this award....
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Hey everyone! First off I just like to apologize for the long wait, Marta and I have been really busy, and secondly I would amor to congradulate Marta for winning the fan Of The mes for January, she totally deserves it! =]

1. First off, would tu mind introducing yourself to the Lannie fans and telling us something about tu that we don't know?
- Hi everyone!:) My name is Marta and I'm nearly 19;) I'm graduating my high scool, so now I don't have much time for ”myself”. I need to learn a lot to make my dream come true! I'd like to study physiotherapy 'cuz I amor helping others and meeting...
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posted by Jim26
90210 -- CBS/Paramount Network Television

A Special Question

"If tu want him, come and get him."

That was exactly what the scene before Annie appeared to be saying.

Her head was telling her to settle down, but her corazón had a few reasons to decline that advice. First of all, she'd found a shirtless Liam asleep in his room. Secondly, his mother had gone out after letting Annie in. Thirdly, no one else was present in the house right now. And last but not least, a nasty storm was on today's forecast, promising to bring all sorts of loud, frightening sounds that could get a girl all shaken up.

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posted by buffy9802
An interview with Vinny (Jersey Shore), he talks about his 90210 episode and Shenae;

Vinny continues on to describe his actuación debut tonight on “90210″ as a “braggadocious celebrity that invites Liam [Matt Lanter] to a high stakes poker game.”

Although “90210″ was ‘a strict job site’ Vinny still made time to “mack it” with costar Shenae Grimes saying, “I was busy trying to ‘mack it to’ Shenae. Shenae is my girl.” Vinny clarified, “Oh, I ‘macked it,’ and she ‘macked’ it to me too. We flirt with each other all the time.”
posted by whydoineedaname
liam and annie have been one of the main reasons why people watch this show. their chemistry is undeniable from the first interaction. they were able to confide in each other and they made it through so many obstacles liek jen and naomi and so much more. now these new producers come marching in and they just decide to kick this relationship to the curb. as if liam would ever ruin his relationship por proposing because he felt guilty abput falling in amor with that horrible jane. as if he would not only start something with every woman that comes his way but also as if annie would ahve just gone...
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posted by buffy9802
y Andrea On September 17, 2011 ·

In a simple white button-up shirt, black falda and cordón, encaje up boots, it could have been a very ordinary outfit for any ordinary woman. But Shenae Grimes knows how to make heads turn with a simple outfit por turning up the volume with a white scarf. This simple but effective addition transforms her outfit and is one of the reasons why scarves are popping up everywhere in the fashion world this season.

Grimes’s entry into the glitzy world of mostrar business began with a simple role in Degrassi: The siguiente Generation back in 2004. The pretty actress proved her acting...
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hola everyone! Here comes the interview with
the Lannie fan Of The Month, Amanda. Before turning to interview I would like to congratulate our winner one más time with this absolutely deserved win ! :)

1. Let’s start with the most typical question. Can tu tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Amanda and I'm super-old (30, eek!) but extremely young at heart! I live in the only single-syllable state (Maine) in the United States. I'm a 3D ship designer por día and an aspiring writer por night. Oh, and I'm a diehard Lannie shipper!

2. Why did tu start watching 90210?

I'm such a sucker for...
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