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posted by deathding
(Hey, this IS his club, so why not one more? :D)

I know where tu sleep
Every night so deep
Peacefully counting some harmless sheep

But I'm the stigma of rage
I belong in a cage
And I won't be defeated por some misceláneo mage

For I'll drink your soul
Imprint it on a scroll
And smash it with 20 entire tons of coal

I'm what tu hide from in your bedroom every night
tu look around once, but there's nothing in sight.

Then right before tu go back to sleep
I'll shred tu to pieces, along with your sheep

I used to be a guy with a normal life
But now I walk the cemeteries, carrying a scythe

And if tu EVER even get in my sight
Then that's the last time you'll ever see the light

I am the dead in deadly
The hot in psychotic
For tu can tell I have no heart
From the way I act robotic

And if tu think I'm in any way boring
You'll most likely be dead por morning

I can already hear it, the screaming of your heart
But if I taught tu anything, life is dark.

Take one good long look at me
And your bleeding lungs will be the last thing tu see

And if you're lectura this during the night
Then all I can say is....

Sleep tight.... >:)