Leyton Family<3 This is what tu guys are to me(IDK if that makes sence lol)Which is closest to yours?

Pick one:
Amber/Laura-My favorito! people to fangirl about Jess with♥
Rach-My favorito! crazy/respectful/prettyful queen B♥
Steph-My craziest/Funniest/awesomest friends on FP♥
Kelly-My protective mom♥
Holly/Jess-My brucas BFF's♥
Kim-My TVD Freak!♥
Nikky-My Bday/Jenny Humphrey buddy♥
Elle-My bestie big sis who I loooove♥
Angi/Ale-My real life Pachel♥
Dalma-My badass♥
Nad-My baby ninja/HP freak!♥
Celine-My adorable/most caring friend on FP♥
Margot-My favorito! singer that I know♥
Maham-My artistic genious♥
Chandler-My misceláneo converstations buddy♥
Ada-My crazy fangirly lost freak♥
misceláneo choice for me!
 mooshka posted hace más de un año
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