Leyton Family<3 {My Favorito! Lyrics From My Favorito! Songs Of Each Queen Album: The Works} Hammer To Fall - Your Favorito! Lyrics?

Pick one:
here we stand o here we fall, history won't care at all
it comes to tu as to us all, we're just waiting for the hammer to fall
every night, and every day, a little piece of tu is falling away
'til one día they call your name, tu know it's time for the hammer to fall
rich o poor o famous, for your truth it's all the same
baby, now your struggle's all in vain
for we who grew up tall and proud in the shadow of the seta nube
convinced our voices can't be heard - just wanna scream it louder
what the hell are we fighting for?
just surrender and it won't hurt at all
 rachel713 posted hace 1 mes
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