Leyton Family<3 Some Of My Favorito! Bohemian Rhapsody Frases ; Your Favorite? (Full Frases In Comments)

Pick one:
"We sold out every pub and uni south of Glasgow, and I'm stuck in the middle...
"The way things are done are a load of bollocks, old chap."
"I pity your wife if tu think six minutos is forever."
"Contortionists, fuego eaters… and priests. We're going to need to confess."
"Get out, tu treacherous piss flap."
"Why don't tu have your manners fixed?That's an asshole pregunta to ask anybody.
"It's a metaphor, Brian!"
"Freddie, you're burning the candle at both ends." "But the glow is so divine."
"I've been conceited, selfish… well, an asshole, basically." "Strong...
"Because it's outrageous, and I can't think of anyone más outrageous than me."
 rachel713 posted hace 3 meses
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