Leyton Family<3 {My parte superior, arriba 10 TV couple} Their first meeting/scene | Your favorito! scene?

Pick one:
1- Seth and Summer: Holly's playa Part
2-Brooke and Julian: "They end up together"
3- Rory and Jess: "Do tu read?" "Not Much"
4- Stefan and Caroline: Hallway Glance
5-Barry and Iris: "You're awake"
6- Mark and Lexie: "You're an intern, why are tu talking to me" "Shut Up"
7- Nathan and Haley: "You're my tutor"
8- Alec and Magnus: "I am Alec
9-Oliver and Felicity: "My coffee comprar is in a bad neighbourhood"
10- Donna and Harvey: "It's the día tu get to meet Donna"
 Elbelle23 posted hace 3 meses
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