Leyton Family<3 {Copying because I obviously miss my girl as well} parte superior, arriba 15 reasons why Brooke is inspirational; your favorito! ?

Pick one:
She started off as a superficial cheerleader and changed 100% through the mostrar
In two years she'd grown más than anyone
She finally stood up to her parents for all the damage they'd done to her
She was made to become a great mom and never gave up on it
She made all her career dreams come true
And yet she would give up on them anyday to have sunrise with her best friend
She was the only "Queen B" character that was a true friend and accepted everyone
When life got hard she reminded herself she was a warrior
She's got the biggest forgiving and loving corazón
She's sassy and bitchy when she has to, o even without a reason
She made her happy family wish come true
She stopped letting boys define her character and fashion define her body
She was an amazing girlfriend/friend even to those who didn't deserve it
She puts her best friends above anyone and stands por them through anything
She was the most fair entrepreneur in tv history
BONUS : From trashy to classy, she was the style queen of the mostrar
 Nicolas97 posted hace más de un año
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