Leyton Family<3 Because I really miss my girl <3 parte superior, arriba 15 reasons (in misceláneo order) why Peyton is inspirational; your favorito! reason?

Pick one:
She went through so many hardships/tragedies yet fought through them all
She owned up to her mistakes and tried to do right por them
She was passionate about her beliefs
She wanted to make a difference in the world
Despite what people think she was actually an AMAZING friend
She would do anything for the people she loved
She was sassy, sarcastic, and took no shit
Despite everything she was able to find true, deep, meaningful amor
Her amor for art and música was beyond anything else
She was realistic about life and the world in general
She never let others opinions about her affect her
She never went through life without a purpose
She appreciated the good things in life even if they turned bad
She always managed to be hopeful
She knows she's fucked up but she owns it
BONUS: I'm highkey convinced she was bisexual
option for meeeee because i can't choose
 mooshka posted hace más de un año
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