Leyton Family<3 [Videos Countdown] Pick Your Favorite; Category Same Sex Couple (See Comment)

Pick one:
callie&arizona I arms [maria]
ian&mickey I all of me [moosh]
ian&mickey I it's enough (4x11) [nad]
ian&mickey I human [holly]
kurt&blaine I don't deserve tu [celine]
lucy&mina I never to touch and never to keep [amber]
callie&arizona I I will never stop losing my breath [atie]
santana&brittany I poison [fatemeh]
emily&paige I say something [ines]
brittany&santana I new york [nic]
magnus&alec I will tu still amor me [bee]
kevin&scotty I use somebody [ade]
loras&renly I shattered [rachel]
 AdeTiffSan posted hace más de un año
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